As a mainland UAE company, you can do business with any country and trade freely. You get access to affordable rental office space as you are not geographically limited, compared to free zone companies who are only forced to do business inside the free zones and have limited business scope.

As a free zone company, you can have full ownership of your company and get access to free-hold property anywhere in Dubai. Not all but some of the free zone business setups in Dubai are exempted from paying taxes and import or export duties.

The cost of the business setup varies from free zone to free zone. It also depends on the activity that you have selected. So there can be no 100% estimation on how much you would have to pay, but you can consult with Excellent setup staff to know the exact amount, and we have written an estimated amount for some activities on our websites.

In the UAE free zones, you will not require extra time to set up the business if you are working with trustworthy consultants. In the free zone, it takes about 3 to 10 days to set up the business. You have to ensure that all the documents are legal and the authorities have attested them. Our experts will provide you with the required help. In case you do not have the consultants to provide you with the required help, it might take more than a few weeks to set up your business because legal procedures often take time when you do them yourself.

In the UAE free zones, you can start any business that you prefer. There is no need to have a local sponsor, and you are 100% the owner of your business. However, you can only operate in the geographical available for the free zone. The advantage is that you will get the trade license that will allow you to supply your products around UAE and export them.