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6 Tips To Start Your Business While Employed Using Business License Dubai

The UAE ensures that its staff is content with their jobs and has a strong work-life balance. To ensure that their workforce is infused with passion and the desire to become profitable, Dubai businesses take an employee-first approach. On the other hand, many workers want to start a company while working full-time to pursue a legitimate side hustle. To do so, simply get a NOC (no objection certificate) from your employer and apply for a trade licence or business license Dubai through your visa.

How do you start a business in Dubai while working?

While employed in Emirates, it is recommended that you apply for an instant licence business setup in UAE. Here are the steps you must take:

1.       You can get an instant licence by going to a DED counter. If you want to apply on your own, you’ll need to get a UAE pass. You must first register on the official website using your Emirates ID. After that, you must update your business profile on the DED’s website. This is a crucial step in ensuring that the UAE government is aware of your legal status.

2.       Next, you must build an account on the DED’s website by filling out the necessary information. You may enlist the assistance of Immersion Group DMCC’s business consultants to ensure a smooth and risk-free operation.

3.       Then, on the DED website, follow the step-by-step instructions to get your instant licence. You’ll need to include the company’s trade name, as well as a list of stakeholders and the business activities you want to pursue. Don’t forget to provide the contact information for the UAE supporter with whom you’ve collaborated.

4.       After that, you must sign the electronic MoA and apply it for approval by the department. This can be done manually as well.

5.       You’ll still need to get your business partners’ approval. Both of your partners will receive an email consent letter.

6.       The final step is to create your licence payment voucher. Make the correct payment once the voucher is working and you’re finished.

How do you start a business without a certificate of incorporation?

Companies have their conditions and are not obligated to authorize your request for a letter of authorization. Although many employers in the UAE allow their workers to run a legal side company, others refuse due to enforcement and security concerns. You do not, however, need to be concerned. You can still setup a business in Dubai if you use the methods mentioned below:

·         Make use of your spouse’s visa.

If your employer doesn’t accept your NOC application while you’re in the UAE with your family, you can use your spouse’s visa to start your dream business. It’s important to remember that it’s illegal to start a business in Dubai if you’re already working and use the same visa to do so. As a result, you can use your spouse’s visa and appoint him or her as the new company’s Managing Director.

·         Fill out an application for a DED instant licence.

You can get an instant licence from the DED to conduct your business activities under government-mandated guidelines. You won’t need to request any physical paperwork in this situation, and it’s best to contact business consultants in Dubai to get an instant licence.

Immersion Group DMCC is a trustworthy business associate.

In the UAE, starting a company while working is legal as long as you obey the rules. In the restricted areas, you cannot start a business without first receiving a letter of authorization from your employer and having a business license Dubai. When you consult with Immersion Group DMCC Business Setup, however, all of your worries fade away. Immersion Group DMCC’s business experts provide end-to-end support for the smooth start-up of your company. As a result, if you want to start a business while working in the UAE, the first move is to contact us.

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