Business Registration in UAE

Top Things To Consider Regarding Business Registration in UAE

Any form of business, be it private, public, consultation or any out sourcing always require a registration. Registration of your business makes you a basic beneficiary of the legal and commercial ecosystem. Here I will present the things you need to consider before making a Business registration in UAE and the things you need to do for registration of your business.

1) Things to consider before business registration in UAE

In UAE the market is divided into three divisions; Mainland, Freezone and Off-Shore. Select your jurisdiction and do some voluntary activity as a part of your business research. Always select that business which is relevant to the UAE market laws. 

2)     Things needed for registration of business in UAE             

As per the laws of the land,

·        You must get a local partner or sponsor for your business who is a UAE National only.

·        Before you start the business always collaborate the municipal, local, international agencies and also non government ones.

·        Obtain necessary agreement as per the laws of the jurisdiction before you do a MOU or MOA with any entity. Rent a personal or shared space to conduct the Initial business activity from the Directorate of Economic development.

·        If shared or rented space without fail obtain the Ejari.

·        Also translate all the components of your documents in Arabic to send a copy to Ministry of Home and foreign Affairs.

3) How to register your business in UAE

After obtaining all the necessary permissions,

·        Make the respective payments and obtain trade license.

·        The payments or fee include Initial approval based on company structure, Name approval, Notarisation of MoA, Trade license, Foreign trade name to the government.

·         Obtain the Trade license based on the category like: Commercial, Agriculture, Occupational, professional, industrial and tourism.

                With all this done, you have registered your business entity in the Directorate of economic development.

Set up a business in Dubai

Out of UAE, in Dubai there are some specific features of setting up the business, let us bring a few of them to your notice. To set up a business in Dubai , You have to determine what sort of a company you want to make with your trade license. The permitted ones include:

·        Sole Proprietorship, Civil company

·         Limited Liability Company,

·        Partnership company,

·        Private Shareholding company

·        Public share holding company

·        Free zone company

·        Joint venture

·        Branch of a foreign company

·        Representative office,

·        Branch of a Dubai Based company

·        Branch of a Free Zone company and

·        Branch of a GCC based company

But setting up a business in Dubai is also not free from its Pros and Cons. 

The pros of setting up a business include;

·        Diverse set up options

·        Systematic business operation

·        Growing economy with foreign investment

·        Easy revival of any existing business in all the jurisdictions

·        Low administrative ,maintenance costs,  incorporation and operational costs

·        Availability of abundant talent and labour and govt. patronage.

There are some major limitations in doing a business registration in UAE and emirates as a whole. They are:

·        Any form of business will boom in the UAE if only they are relevant to the existing market

·        Language becomes a tremendous barrier as majority of the documentation will have to be translated in Arabic and Foreign influence politics in business.

With all this said, setting up a business in Dubai is a great experience and profit both for a local and a foreigner. 

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